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Inside Out/ Outside In - Building bridges in teacher education through positive encounters with diversity (InOut) was based on the recognition that diversity in socio-economic, cultural and ethnic terms is often associated with Early School Leaving and dropout in European education. The project proactively addressed these phenomena through a variety of pedagogical initiatives going beyond the formal boundaries of school institutions. InOut refers spatially to the higher education institution where the course took place with the intention of going beyond the institution and socially to insiders and outsiders of the formal education system. 

The aim of InOut was to increase future teachers’ awareness of different forms of education among members of different cultural or ethnic groups often excluded from the national formal education systems. The broader goals of InOut included the opening of the dialogue between different forms of education in the different member states and opening the formal education system to other forms of education.

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Teachers Intercultural Awareness and Competence (2011-2014) 

Student teachers and teacher educators are increasingly likely to find themselves facing the demands and consequences globalisation. Approaches taken to the intercultural and wider European and global dimension of teacher education vary greatly but the specialist pedagogic approaches and work within subjects could be shared to the mutual benefit of all partner institutions. Teachers Intercultural Awareness and Competence (TIAC) recognised these issues and provided a programme which provided student teachers with in-depth knowledge and experience of intercultural issues through a consideration of what it means to be inter-culturally competent as well as an introduction to innovative pedagogical approaches relevant to the intercultural dimension. 

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