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Final Assignments 2021

1. Group Assignment

Reimagining Creative Democracy:


What will you take out from this course and what will you be able to bring into your practice as a teacher?

Format free of choice. But you must include references.

Time limits: 10 minutes (group of 2); 15 minutes (group of 3 – 4); 20 minutes (group of 5- 6)



2. Individual Assignment

Where do we go from here?

(Please select your own title.)

  • Revisit something you found particularly interesting, something you’ve been questioning or found challenging throughout the course, something you thought was missing, or one of the questions that have come up during the course.

  • Consider your essay a contribution to (an academic) discourse

  • Please do not forget to make use of and refer to (at least 5) other voices on the topic (academic, artistic, poets, etc)

  • Use suggested reading (Remember Dewey, the text you chose as a group, suggestions on the website,…) 

  • Feel free to choose the format you feel suits best to express yourself.  

  • BA: 1000 words or the equivalent 

  • MA: 2000 words or the equivalent (minimum 8 other sources)

  • Please hand in by May 31st.

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