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NET (Network of European Teachers) 

Welcome to Net!

This is a Network of former participants of the Erasmus+ Intensive Programmes TIAC (Teachers Intercultural Awareness and Competence), InOut (Building bridges in teacher education through positive encounters with diversity) and future alumni of ReCreaDe (Reimagining Creative Democracy).

The aim of the network is to conserve the special Erasmus+ feeling of intercultural learning, European friendships and motivated and innovative thinking about education and schools. We want to utilise the great potential of an alumni network to stay connected, exchange ideas, keep learning from each other and help teachers organise mobility programs. In times when the European idea is fragile and attacked by rising nationalistic and populist thoughts, a stronger European cooperation on school level is long overdue. The amazing feeling of being part of a group of citizens united by a common European identity, sharing experiences and ideas in English, cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. To enable European students on school level to experience this precious European feeling, more school partnerships, school exchanges and intra-European school projects need to be conducted. The chances to accomplish this are so much higher when cooperating on a basis of a common experience and strong friendships such as have been created during the Erasmus Intensive Programmes. We, the TIAC-InOut-ReCreaDe-Alumni, are determined to achieve this by staying in touch, cooperating whenever possible and reviving our European-educational spirit during our annual meetings.


The first annual meeting is going to be held in Berlin in April 2020.

The network is currently limited to former participants of the previously mentioned Erasmus IP´s, but it is intended to be gradually opened to other interested European teachers in the future.

All former participants of TIAC, InOut and ReCreaDe can request access to our facebook group, through which we organise the network (

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