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ReCreaDe-Kick-off Meeting in Budapest

October 4-6

With the end of the summer approaching, we were lucky to spend three beautiful, sunny and warm days in Budapest to come together for a final roundup meeting of our last project, InOut, and at the same time getting started with the new and exciting ReCreaDe-project.

The comfortable little conference room in the Eötvös Loránd University was transformed into a productive workspace as we discussed the theoretical framework of the project on Thursday, October 4. Questions on the nature of democracy, especially in connection to education, buzzed around the place. After a creative workshop on the design of the first intensive programme as well as the upcoming multiplier event in Málaga, we rounded up the day with a guided tour through the vibrant Jewish Quarter of the city and some tasty Jewish food. 

On day two of the meeting we were joined by participants from another conference organised by Tequila-– the trans-European network on “Teacher Education: Quality, Integration and Learning”. Here, we had time to exchange ideas and learn from the various perspectives from different countries and EU-projects. The discussions continued well into the evening and were even carried on during the boat ride on the Danube river.

The last day of the meeting gave us the opportunity to get some more local insights, as we were invited to participate in a conference for Hungarian Teacher Educators organised by the local Department of Education. Presenting and hearing about various Erasmus projects in this context provided some valuable learning and networking possibilities. After a final lunch everybody started preparing for their journeys home, half a mind already on all the possibilities for the next meeting in Málaga.

Thank you for a wonderful and very productive beginning of this project in Budapest!


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