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Project Meeting in Chester

It has been just over a year that we launched ReCreaDe during our Kick-off meeting in Budapest! Despite it being not much later in the year, Chester welcomed us with a chilly rain front, reminding us that winter is not far off. 

Nevertheless the project filled all staff members with cheerful energy, as always bringing the light into the room much more than any weather could. A very productive day was spent reviewing the IP in Budapest and revising the programme for the upcoming IP in Vienna. Based on some wonderful and critical student feedback we pondered many questions – how can we make the programme more democratic? How can we give more space to students contributions? How do we deal with differing language barriers? And of course there were all the formal and administrative issues that had to be dealt with as well. 

After a long and tiring day, what better place to reconvene than the Storyhouse? Amongst rescued library books, relaxed students and excited theatre goers we continued discussions over dinner.

It comes as no surprise that in order to delve into first thoughts on "ReCreaDe: the Book", we met up once again in this cosy atmosphere the next day. It is impossible not to feel inspired surrounded by so much life and poetry! 

It seemed like the city wanted to keep us there – delayed and cancelled trains due to flooding caused many a complication on our respective journeys back. I’m sure we would all have gladly stayed for another day of democracy debates, but eventually everyone made it home safely. 


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