Reimagining Creative Democracy

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Democracy and diversity are key priorities for ReCreaDe, in particular the relationship between democracy and diversity in the context of education. ReCreaDe recognises that diversity is a fundamental premise for democracy and the inability to positively engage with diversity is the inability to act democratically. For democracy to continue as a living ideal in Europe, Europeans need to develop new ways of positively engaging with the diverse cultural heritage of Europe. The project wants to address primarily pre-service teacher education as a foundational stage in teachers’ pedagogical development. We hope that by engaging pre-service teachers in critical dialogues and activities regarding democracy and diversity these experiences and understandings will inform their professional relationships with different educational stakeholders (parents, colleagues, officials), pedagogical actions in classrooms and different communities and ongoing development as educational professionals and members of a democratic society. Read more about ReCreaDe here...


"One of the most important points for me was was probably the experience of a diversity of perspectives (even when talking about the term democracy) which showed me how important it is to have a truly meaningful exchange with people across borders. Feeling dissensus, actively and heatedly working on a topic and maybe not even coming to an agreement - but understanding that that is not at all the aim. The process of communicating and discussing alone is much more valuable and enriching than any measurable results would be."

- Anna Vormann, Participant ReCreaDe Budapest

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